About Us

The challenge of finding a good Canada fishing lodge was the driving force behind the My Canada Fishing Trip website. The founder of this site and the My Alaskan Fishing Trip site, Jason, was forced to search through random fishing lodge websites and incomplete "listing" websites while trying to plan an annual fishing trip. Jason grew frustrated of piecing lodge options together himself and thought a single website could help other anglers that had a similar level of frustration - anglers like you.

The idea grew into an actual website with the help of a few friends (that actually reaped the benefits of Jason's work in finding lodges in the past) and the result is a website that we believe provides everything you may need when searching for the perfect Canada fishing experience - lodge overviews, expert fishing advice, trip planning tips, and a unique "Trip Finder" that lets you search by what is critical to you.

The site content is always evolving as we grow its usefulness to fellow anglers. So send us any feedback (good or bad) and we'll write it down on a piece of paper, then toss it out (just kidding, we'll kick the feedback around and make adjustments that we think will be useful).

Are you considering promoting your lodge or fishing related business?

The primary owners of the website bring a strong mix of website marketing experience that will help get your information in front of interested anglers. Jason has over 15 years of website development / optimization & custom programming experience, while Jeffrey has the same amount in digital marketing. Learn about advertising options here.

Jason & Jeffrey front & center with their group of fishing buddies
Jason & Jeffrey front & center with their group of fishing buddies
Beautiful sunset on one of our fishing trips...this is what it's all about.
Beautiful sunset heading back to the cabin after a day of fishing on one of our many fishing trips.