My Alaskan Fishing Trip
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Best Videos of 2016

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Posted by Jeff H. on

Like a lot of you, our content team has decided that the next best thing to casting a line is watching other anglers fishing on YouTube. At the end of each year, we ask them to send over what they think are the best Canada fishing videos of the year - so, here is our list of the top videos of 2016. Point out any of your 2017 videos to us and maybe you'll make the list next year! Happy New Year...happy fishing.

Have a favorite video? Or, have you made one of your own Canada fishing video? Let us know about it...maybe it will get onto our next top fishing video list!

Amazing Walleye Feeding Frenzy

Not a single walleye was caught on this video but we've never seen one like it before. Over two minutes of minnows being tossed off a lodge deck and walleye coming up one after another to grab them - sometimes even catching air.

Northwest Territories Fishing Trip

This is a great example of how you can really 'get away' through YouTube fishing videos. Shot with a lot of first person, this video from Trout Rock Lodge brings you to camp and gets you out on a boat catching fish the way you'd see it. Then it's off to a shore lunch . Some nice editing and good pics mixed in, this is a good video for either getting away for a minute...or making you go crazy that you're not there!

Hungry Pike from Cobham River Lodge

If you haven't seen a video of a hungry Northern Pike going after a smaller fish that's already on a line, then here is your chance. All the smaller fish wanted was a bite...tough day.

Grey Wolf Swimming to Shore

You might be thinking we don't really like fishing videos since this is the second on the list without a fish being caught. We added this video because it shows that a great day on the water isn't always about what fish you bring's about being outdoors and appreciating your natural surroundings. This video captures a pretty unique experience.

Simcoe Ice Fishing

We don't write a lot about ice fishing but it's definitely a good way to get through the colder months and this quick video captures the reasons why. We like it because it is a quick one, has a good song behind it, and shows the fun and friendship that you get with this approach.

Underwater Muskie

I don't know about you but the underwater cameras are always interesting. The guys from Master Crow Outdoors have a number of them shot so that you can see the lure action and how the fish track and attach. Unfortunately, this video doesn't have many 'attacks' but does give you a different view.

Squatchy Waters Fly Fishing - Bow River Fly Fishing

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