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Canada Fishing Trip Finder: Narrow Down Your Options

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Posted by Jeff H. on

A primary reason that the My Canada Fishing Trip website came to be was because a group of friends were trying to plan a fishing trip but having a difficult time narrowing down the lodges to consider. It was a cumbersome process searching for options within our budget and driving distance. We ended up browsing & searching the internet spending hours upon hours reviewing camps to see if they fit our criteria for fishing, location & cost. The Canadian fishing Trip Finder was born from that experience as a way for you to quickly filter fishing trip camp and lodge options by what is important to you and your fishing buddies.

This post introduces the Trip Finder and should help to answer any questions you have about it. If you have more questions or need help, then please contact us directly and we'll help however needed.

Start by choosing from a variety of choices under the following parameters:

Distance to Travel

Choose a starting point from over twenty cities throughout the Northern United States and Southern Canada. This city should be the one you will drive from and is what your preferred driving distance is based on. That distance is filtered by the hours you are willing to drive and goes from "up to 2.5 hours" to a "don't care" option (don't care is the option if you really like who you are driving with).

Fish Species to Target

This may be the most important aspect to your Canadian fishing trip, or the least important. Either way, you can choose from fourteen species by picking a single one or all of them.

Canadian Fishing Trip Finder

Type of Camp

Most people think fishing camps are either drive-in or fly-in options but there are also boat-in and, believe it or not, train-in camps. This step in your filtering process lets you narrow down the lodges from these four options. Keep in mind that drive-in provides the more accessible options but could mean more competition for fish while the other options typically offer a more remote experience but may be a higher cost...if you aren't sure what you prefer, just select all and focus on the other parameters.

Length of Stay and Cost

The last two variables that can be filtered out are the length of stay and the cost per person. Three options for length of stay include the quick 2-3 day trip, the more common 4-5 days, and six days and up for the luckiest anglers. Costs are broken down to ten different ranges of per person costs, ranging from $100-$250 per person up to trips that are over $5,000 per person.

With all of your filters in place, just hit 'view results' and you'll have narrowed down your fishing camp options with minimal work. Results are shown on a map and by quick summaries that can be sorted as needed. The map option shows up at the top with lodge locations marked by pins that can be expanded to show the camp name and cost with a link to the individual camp. The summaries are below the map and include an introduction to each lodge with critical information and, of course, a link to a more detailed listing for each.

Don't worry if your selections were so specific that it doesn't return any results...or so broad that you have more lodges than you prefer to choose from. You can easily hop back to any step in the selection process to modify your parameters and see the revised options.

After a few minutes with the Trip Finder, you will have narrowed down your camp options to only the ones that have what you want. No phone calls, no randomly reviewing websites, etc...saving you time that can be used to pull out the next trophy fish from Canada!

So get to it...use the Canadian fishing Trip Finder!

Map of Results from the Canadian Fishing Trip Finder
Canadian Fishing Trip Finder Results
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