My Alaskan Fishing Trip
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Canadian Wilderness Fishing Trips: For the Adventurous Angler

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Arguably, today's freshwater fishing and family vacations have taken on a completely different look and feel compared to "back then." Gone are the days of traveling in the everyday station wagon to Canada or the remote northern parts of Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan. Back then, those regions were considered secluded and a full day’s drive from anywhere. Modern conveniences didn’t exist; and roughing it was part of the fun. Now a days, the family station wagon has been replaced by a $100,000 truck with leather seats and all the bells and whistles. Hard to believe but boats too have approached the $100K mark, now sold with enough electronics to navigate a space shuttle. And due to improved roads, cell phone towers and explosive urban sprawl – our once distance forests are just a few hours’ drive from almost anywhere.

Canadian Fishing Trips of the Past

Last month I visited one of my favorite restaurants. Its bar/grill/sports atmosphere makes it a fun place for our family to hang out, grab a bite to eat, and enjoy each other's company. Displayed on walls from the time you enter the building until you're seated, are intriguing 1950s era décor that captures the intricacies of one of our greatest pastimes – fishing! The exhibits are reminiscent of times when things were much simpler and not so over-marketed as they are today. Of significant interest is a depiction that hangs in the rafters over the main dining area. Suspended from cables above the patrons’ heads is a 1950’s wooden Elgin Boat (sold by then Sears, Roebuck and Co.) and strapped to the stern is a vintage tiller 5.5HP Evinrude two stroke motor. In picture frames on several walls are displays of old newspaper classified ads showing fishing services offered by lodges of that era. They also have metal signs that market beer using the cartoon like pinup girls, which I’m sure attracted a lot of eyeballs (some things will never change). Also on the walls, nearest the dining tables, are display cases of then common fishing lures. Under the lures are identification labels that were actually typed using a typewriter – it’s interesting to see how the labels are yellowed and curled by father-age. If you’re into fishing, looking over all the displays is captivating to say the least, and it’s inspirational to think about how different and simple things used to be.

When it comes to those family fishing vacations, most old timers are happy to share their memories from times gone by. Fishing out of wooden boats was common and isolation immersed in good fishing was never considered hard to come by. Once more, the fishing gear used then resembled more of a tree branch with monofilament line and one or two "goto" lures. To see another soul on your favorite lake was rare and, in the off chance you did, a friendly wave and an authentic smile was the response of choice. Unlike the all-too-common response of today where overcrowded lakes, with innumerable people to offer stern looks and manner-less reactions are common. Yes, in looking back, and comparing those glory days to modern fishing, those intrinsic feelings of isolation in the remote woods, feelings of simplicity, deep family and friend connections and renewal have somehow slipped away from us.

Yet, despite our digression from times when fishing was simple and remote, we still have options to experience what our not-too-distant relatives used to delighted in. The Lake Nipigon Forest is one of those special locations. It’s setting and lack of modern development is reminiscent of special times when lakes were hard to get to and remoteness ran hand in hand with nature: as does bees and honey.

Remote Fishing Adventures at Pasha Lake Cabins

Pasha Lake Cabins is in the Lake Nipigon Forest and to visit the lodge is like taking a step back in time. Its secluded location is absent of bumper-to-bumper boat traffic and overcrowded cement boat landings. Modern conveniences do not exist in the surrounding, yet very distant towns, and rarely will you come across a dock on a lake. Moreover, one would be lucky to find a boat launch that didn’t break every bolt, fender, light, and trailer frame in the act of getting there. Yes, it's true! There are places that are still remote, yet accessible, for those who authentically love nature and all the challenges and rewards that come from being in it.

Ask any guest who's stayed at Pasha Lake Cabins, what’s truly unique is not so much its remote wilderness setting. While that is a bonus, the ability to fish Pasha Lake AND 99 other rare hard-to-get-to lakes, is what makes Pasha Lake Cabins and its location extremely special. Featured in the lakes of this remarkable region are a variety of every freshwater fish species one could think of: Walleye, Whitefish, Northern Pike, Jumbo Perch and, likely the most popular, Lake Trout and Brook Trout. What’s also unique, and rarely found in other venues, is the ability to catch trophy fish of ALL those species. Every day is literally a different adventure where one can target numbers of fish, trophy fish or just isolation, remoteness, and relaxation.

It's almost like someone took Pasha Lake Cabins, wrapped it up in a time capsule and buried it with a note saying, "open in 75 years." In sitting down at the aforementioned restaurant, I could easily imagine a classified ad for the 1950’s version of Pasha Lake Cabins – remote friendly lodge, access to incredible fishing, boat, motor rentals and guide service available, access to Lake Nipigon. But wait! That’s exactly what is offered today!

In reflecting on the events of the last 24 months, I think it’s safe to say we are all ready to experience life as things use to be. Whether or that’s 5 years ago or 50 years ago, those pre pandemic times bring happy memories of life filled with joy, love and unity. To think about embarking on a remote fishing trip with family and friends is certainly a significant step in bringing back those meaningful times. And likely there is no better place to do that than a trip to the remote regions of the Lake Nipigon Forest.

To be clear – Pasha Lake Cabins is certainly not for everyone. One has to ask themselves - Is Pasha Lake Cabins secluded and hard to get to? Answer is yes!

Is it for everyday fisherman that reluctantly accept overcrowded lakes, grumpy fisherman, and endless hours of watching a lifeless fishing lure? Well, maybe.

Is Pasha Lake a place for highbrows and the over entitled? Absolutely not!

Pasha Lake Cabins it is a place for those who love fishing, enjoy authentic and friendly company, seek isolation, and want access to an incredible wilderness. A wilderness with remarkable opportunities to catch fish, hunt wild game and enjoy all of God’s creations without the luxuries and conveniences people have become far too dependent on today! Until next time!

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