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Comparing the Drive-In and Fly-In Trip Experience

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Posted by Jeff H. on

One of the decisions you'll want to make early on in planning a Canadian fishing trip is how you'll be getting to your lodge. While there are a couple other methods (boat-in and train-in), the two most common ways to get to lodges are flying in (fly-ins) and driving your car right up to the front door (drive-in) - you will really trim down the lodges to consider once you know what's best for your fishing crew.

So, you may ask yourself, what are the pro's and con's of these trip options?

It's easy to say that the quality of fishing is all that matters…but a lot more is at play. We've asked a seasoned angler to break down the options and provide some thoughts from his experience that may help you decide the best approach for your fishing crew.

Take a look at his detailed thoughts on both (linked below) - hopefully they help you decide the type of lodges you want to focus on. When you know, check out our Canada Fishing Trip Finder to filter lodges by your method of choice.

Read the complete articles here:

Topics the author considers, and you should too, include…


Is your group looking for access to more fish and aren't concerned with potential competition? Or, are you looking for remoteness and potential trophy fish?


Will your fishing buddies need to pack the kitchen sink? Do they ever forget anything? Or, can they pack efficiently and live on limited amenities without a problem?

Chowtime and Drinks

Is having control over what you eat and the adult beverages you have access to important to your group or not?

Lodging and Equipment

Almost all Canada fishing trips will have basic accommodations - the question here is…how basic are you ready for?


The high end of drive-ins and low-end of fly-ins get close to overlapping, but good quality fly-ins will always be more expensive. It's the price you pay when the benefits of fly-in trips are more important than the drive-in benefits. So, you have to decide your groups budget and what else is important.

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