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Extraordinary Fishing in Manitoba

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Posted by Joe M. on

Manitoba is a fishing haven with a vast network of deep clear rivers, lakes that are huge, and a home to big trophy fish, beautiful outdoor areas, and robust fishing seasons. In terms of names - Lake of the woods, the Saskatchewan River and its tributaries, Lake Winnipeg, and countless other places that offer remote fishing that's close (enough) to home.

Muskie caught at Laurie River Lodge, Manitoba
Trophy Northern Pike caught at Laurie River Lodge

Manitoba Is a Big Place

In terms of fishing, you could literally divide the province up into North, West, South, and East and still never get to all the fishing opportunities in any one of them in your lifetime.

Big Water Systems

The Hudson Bay Drainage Basin covers almost all of Manitoba. It contains:

  • Nelson River
  • Lake Winnipeg and its watershed
  • Red River
  • Assiniboine River
  • Saskatchewan River

In addition, there are the many tributaries that feed these rivers and lakes. All of that water makes a haven for trophy fishing. Given the sheer number of rivers and lakes, and the remoteness of many of these bodies of water Manitoba fishing is often a solitary experience - just the fisherman and the fish.

There are plenty of places here where you may not see another fisherman all day. That type of environment means -

  • Lakes and rivers are not overfished
  • There is no combat fishing here, and
  • That the fish remain wild and grow to trophy and world-record sizes.

Southern Manitoba

Southern Manitoba offers easy access to world-class fishing lodges and plenty of Trophy Northern Pike fishing. Many of the Southern Fishing Lodges are within a 4-5 hour drive from the U.S. / Canadian border. There are also more roads in the Southern portion of the state such as routes 2, 5, 6, 75, 12, and 10. Many connect to border crossings making driving to a fishing lodge relatively easy in the Southern Portion of the province.

A good example of an easy to find Southern Manitoba lodge is the Sasaginnigak Lake Lodge which is just North of Winnipeg. A week long stay offers access to Apisko Lake, Charron Lake, and Keschimeeneko Lake where you can target Trophy Northern Pike, and big Walleye. This is a fly-in camp so it is easily accessible from the Winnipeg International Airport by a short hop in a float plane or the lodge can pick you up at the Winnipeg airport.

Another option is Crow Duck Lake Camp which is an easy drive to Big WhiteShell Lake and then the lodge picks you up for a short boat ride to the lodges. Here you'll find more Trophy Pike, Smallmouth Bass, and Walleye.

The Northern Reaches

Most of the lodges in Northern Manitoba are reachable by float plane. These are remote areas with wild fish and lakes that are rarely fished. A good example would be the Kitchi Island Camp and Outposts which offers outstanding Trophy fishing along the Berens River, as well as Long Haul and Longish Lakes. These colder waters are a teeming with big Northern Pike for sure, but also lots of Fat Walleye. Expect pristine wilderness and a ton of excellent fishing.

Another example is the world class fishing at Gangler's North Seal River Lodge which is reachable by float plane only. The lodge sits not far from the Northern border of Manitoba and offers access to Bain Lake, Burnie Lake, Clifton Lake and many more. This is a fisherman's paradise. Expect ample chances at Trophy Northern Pike, big Walleye, fat Lake Trout, and plenty of Arctic Grayling.

Manitoba is a clear cut destination for spectacular Northern Pike fishing. There are also plenty of Walleye, Smallmouth Bass, and giant Lake Trout as well. The farther north you go the more likely you are to run into pristine fly fishing waters and species such as the Arctic Grayling which are a joy to fish on a fly rod. Whether your target is the big, shy Muskie or the aggressive Pike, you cannot beat Manitoba for fishing. There are plenty of big fish here.

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