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Favorite Canada Fishing Videos From 2019

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Posted by Jeff H. on

We put this annual blog post together for any angler that finds themselves in the YouTube wormhole after a fishing season has ended…wishing for the next time they are on the water. So, we collect a few of our favorite videos from each year into one post to get you started down that video wormhole.

Our favorite videos from 2019 include a few from Manitoba…those give you ice fishing, greenback walleye info, and just a bunch of hogs. The Manitoba videos are pro-videos but the list also includes some amateur videos to document a family and/or friend trip…which are great trips to make and what makes the accessibility of a Canada fishing trip so appealing, you can have great fishing and good times.

So many of you are out there looking for tight lines or just good times when you can – hopefully our favorite videos get you some ideas on planning your next Canada fishing trip.

Best Ice Fishing

Boy, I think I need to get out to Lake Winnipeg in Manitoba…it seems like every great video is around there. This one tops our list for ice fishing, and probably our favorite overall, because it shows a ton of big fish and a variety of species…trophy lake trout, walleye, pike and tips on recording gear to document and see below the ice surface.

Most Like You're There

A few friends got out on Lac Seul in Ontario and documented the trip…just anglers out on a boat and it feels like you're out there with them. It claims that one of the guys caught 138 fish in a day too (but that may be an inside joke?) and a few newbies to Canada so it was probably a good all around time.

Runner-Up "Like You're There"

This couple documented their annual fishing trip. This year, you go with them to Dog Lake in Ontario, and you feel like you're right on the boat with them. Some nice look bass get on board…seems like a solid fishing spot.

Best Nature Shots

This is a short video of a father and son trip to Tall Pines Camp, located in Northern Ontario…some good nature and wildlife shots from both the boat and a drone, plus some good fishing too. Looks like a great trip.

Best from Manitoba

So many fishing videos from Manitoba to pick from that we gave the province its own category…it really looks like some incredible fishing up there (with more hogs than not). We like this video because it documents the crew going out on opening weekend trip to Nopiming Provincial Park in eastern Manitoba and they take you along as they search a new lake for smallmouth bass – and they get a few beaut's by the end.

Best in Under 2 Minutes

Some of the videos, especially the professional ones can be long. That's great and they have a lot of good tips but sometimes we just like a quick summary video. In less than two minutes, this video of a trip to the Red Lake reminds you of what the experience of a friends fishing trip is like. It's a little light on the fishing side but they do get a few quality fish on board.

Best Fly-In Fishing

No Canada fishing video list would be complete without a fly-in fishing trip video – Canada gives anglers great accessibility to good fishing and fly-in trips can get you to just a little better fishing. This is a quick video and doesn't have a ton of fishing but gives a good idea of the fly in experience, accommodations, and does slip in some fishing and catching shots at the end.

Best Greenback Walleye Video

A number of videos are out there showing off what's called a greenback walleye caught on Lake Winnipeg in Manitoba (again!). These are simply walleye that have an extremely brilliant, iridescent, green color (because of the limestone around the lake). This pro video gives good info on approaching ice fishing for the great fish and awesome pics of some big greenback walleyes.

So, those are our favorite Canada fishing videos from 2019. We hope to see plenty of more in 2020 – maybe one of our favorites next year will be from you!

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