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Best Videos of Canada Fishing Trips from 2020

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Posted by Jeff H. on

Did you get a Canada fishing trip in during 2020? For obvious reasons it was challenging, if not impossible, for a lot of anglers to get in a fishing trip to Canada in 2020. Many did get some time on the water though and some of them posted videos of their trip or big catch. We collect our favorite Canada fishing videos from each year and this years list may fill a little bit of a gap while we all hope to be able to get a fishing trip scheduled for next season.

Check out our list below…it includes some ice fishing, a general trip overview video, and a few different fish species. Our ‘best of' lists usually include videos from multiple provinces (all have great fishing options) but it seems like most of these are in Ontario fishing videos…Lakes and regions noted when possible so take notes for your next fishing trip.

Overall Favorite: Brook Trout out of a Canoe

This takes our top spot because it's a nice video of a fish we don't see too many videos of, Brook Trout. This angler is in the Northern Ontario bush and, fishing from his canoe, grabs three nice ones – with the third being on the much larger size for Brook Trout (he guesses 4.5lb and they typically max out around 5lb). It's a beautiful fish and a nice video.

Ice Fishing for Northern Pike

We almost always have at least one ice fishing video and definitely like our fair share of underwater camera ones too. This video combines those as an angler picks his ice hut location then gets some sick underwater shots of monster Northern Pike. The biggest of the big pike weren't biting but they are out there and maybe we'll see them in another video.

School of Perch in Lake Simcoe

Really short underwater video but shows an amazing school of perch in Lake Simcoe in Ontario Canada. Located by Barrie, Ontario (a bit North of Toronto) this is definitely a top spot to consider for some perch fishing.

Sight Fishing for Giant Northern Pike

A few friends hit up the Northern Pike fishing opener in Ontario, doing sight fishing in shallow water. They missed on a good size pike early but land a really nice one at the end. That last battle is solid but made even better because they are in shallow water and you can see the fish. Good times and good video.

Huge Muskie When Targeting Smallmouth Bass

This video sucked us in right away when they show a big ole muskie break water when it's on the line. They were out fishing for smallmouth bass but you grab the big ones when they hit. The size of it really shows nice when they get it on board and hold it up. Bonus points for the kid on another boat yelling out 'nice catch'.

Camping, Canoeing, and Fishing

This wins the title of the longest video on any of these lists we've done so far (clocks in just over one hour). It's a couple that documents their camping trip (and more) on Dickison Lake in Northern Ontario. They are basically doing a self-guided multi-day float trip and the fishing tends to be pike. Looks like a nice, relaxing, trip (minus the black flies) and a good video to watch or flip through at least.

So…another year of fishing is in the books and our favorite video list is complete. Hopefully you all get out on the water this year and be sure to take videos…maybe one will land on our next list of favorite fishing videos.

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