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Fishing Northern Lake Kipawa

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Posted by Chris E. on

Lake Kipawa is one of the many and the largest lake along the Kipawa river system. Located in the western part of Quebec close to a quiet little town called Laniel about 5 hours north east of Toronto, this hidden gem is remote yet easy to get to. Lake Kipawa is fed by The Kipawa River or know by the Anishwabe natives as Kebouek (at the narrows beyond which more water opens out) funnels water from Lac Dumoine through Lake Kipawa eventually emptying in to the Ottawa River just north of Temiscaming.

One of the many benefits to anglers is Lake Kipawa’s sizeable 300 square kilometers of pristine shoreline and 65km total length. What makes it extra special is the fact the entire Northern basin is completely surrounded by Crown land offering untouched wilderness teeming with wildlife, and is known for it’s with regular sightings of beavers, loons, and bald eagles, and at times moose. Countless bays and channels provide incredible Walleye, Northern Pike, Smallmouth Bass and Lake Trout fishing experiences! Annually producing trophy class fish from each species.

Fishing for Walleye & Northern Pike on Lake Kipawa

Lake Kipawa boasts incredible Walleye populations with some reaching 32 inches, ferocious Northern Pike often topping 36 inches, and beautifully coloured fat Lake Trout that feast on the lakes abundant herring, as well as Smallmouth Bass, and Whitefish. The productive fishing spots vary depending on the time of year from protected bays of varying sizes, drop offs around the countless islands and points, to rocky shoals and mid lake submerged humps. Rest assured Kipawa offers more great places to fish than you could possibly cover in any season, and there’s always a great place to drop a line. Fishing typically begins mid-May and runs through mid-October and, just like everything in Canada, is completely dictated by nature itself! There have been some May's and October's wearing tee-shirts while others have been a little on the chilly side. Lake trout are easily picked up flat lining early in the season, then as the season progresses led core, down rigging, or just jigging deep can produce good quality catches.

Unlike some places where "fishing elbow to elbow" is the norm, pressure tends to be very thin because of how many places there are to fish and the countless bays and shoals this lake offers. Don’t get me wrong there are seasonal hotspots one can to expect to find other like-minded anglers but for the most part you will find this to a very remote experience. As a matter of fact Northern Lake Kipawa is protected and surrounded by Crown land, which means it is preserved in its natural state with no Cottage development. There are also numerous back lake fishing options that have incredible hike in possibilities. If one has the ability and endurance to wade or hike modest distances or an ATV there are many more remote fishing possibilities.

Fishing Lake Kipawa with Loon and Eagle Outfitters

An added benefit to fishing this area are the many established Lodges and Outfitters that are happy to have you as their guest. These extremely knowledgeable and well established lodges offer boats and motors, cabins, off grid power, cell service, hot and cold running water, and in some cases WIFI. If one is looking to get away from people, then this is the place to be!

Loon and Eagle Outfitters located on Northern Lake Kipawa has over 20 years experience fishing these waters and an intimate knowledge of the system and it’s many fishing opportunities. Our experience allows us to offer clients an opportunity to fill their creel and maybe land that fish of a lifetime! We provide 15-16 ft fishing boats with reliable motors, well kept and sized perfectly for the lake, then set you up with a map of the lake marked with proven fishing spots and suggestions accurate to the time of year along with what lures are working at that time. We get you on the fish quick!(Not that it’s that difficult in Northern Lake Kipawa). Our guests are urged to take advantage of the amazing trolling opportunities as this is a great way to see and enjoy the beauty of Northern Lake Kipawa, and a proven way to hook into those trophy Lakers, Walleye, and Pike.

I'm torn each and every year on what is my favorite spot or way to fish. Fortunately for me I am able to research daily the fishing spots to help get guests on the fish quickly. As a fishing guide, and Outfitter I am tasked with having to fish, A LOT! I know you must feel very sorry for me and the work I must do however we will suffer through it to provide the best experiences for our guests and us. Everyone is happier from guests to outfitters if the fishing is good. Scouting our many locations day after day keeps me keen on what, when, and where it's happening. Water temperature, time of year and Walleye run timings are some of the factors that play into where and how we fish. This though can vary greatly from one year to the next and by having boats in the water day after day we are current on how each season is different.

We look forward to welcoming you. Come experience what Lake Kipawa see what Loon and Eagle Outfitters has to offer. We build memories that last a lifetime.

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About the Author: Chris E.

Guide and Owner at Loon and Eagle Outfitters - Lake Kipawa Quebec.

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