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Expereince a Remote Ontario Fishing Adventure with Access to Over 99 Different Inland Waters

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Posted by Chad T. on

Without question, Ontario Canada is the premier destination when it comes to fresh water fishing opportunities. Its location is in the back yard of almost everyone in North America. The region's remote setting, rustic beauty and boundless lakes are absolutely breath taking. Nowhere else on earth can you fish lakes that are virtually unscathed by mankind. As if their essence and beauty, and most importantly the fish contained within, were placed in a time capsule. These lakes were formed millions of years ago and if you've ever pondered what things were like "back then", look no further than the boreal forests of Northern Ontario. Their ruggedness and splendor capture the mystique of nature, long before the great explorers ever set foot in these magnificence forests.

Imagine it for a second. Centuries ago, access to these awe inspiring landscapes were limited to water ways and good old fashioned hard work. Travel consisted of handmade boats and trail networks that mandated grueling labor and endless danger. Most non-native wildernesses occupants were there for only two things – food and fur. The work was hard and winters were harsh. Safety was threatened at every turn and a bad day at the office might have left for dead!

Yet, fortunately for us we get to experience these destinations and all they have to offer anytime we want. And we can do so without the worries and perils of danger our ancestors faced. Modern advances in technology, namely plans, trains and automobiles, now allow us to travel to these primative regions twelve months of the year - be it spring, summer, fall or winter. Tucked neatly away in one of those remote Ontario forests, specifically in the Lake Nipgion wilderness, is a little known lodge called Pasha Lake Cabins. Surrounded by millions of acres of uninhabited woods and waterways, the cabins of Pasha Lake offer seclusion, modern and clean accommodations and unlimited action for fishing and hunting enthusiasts.

Fishing & Wilderness Photos from Pasha Lake Cabins

Fishing Lake Nipigon & Over 99 Inland Bodies of Water

Those focused on fishing at Pasha Lake Cabins will have access to numerous inland lakes – literally over 99 water bodies - for sport fishing. Not only that, lakes in lodge's vast inventory include the famous Lake Nipigon – known mainly for its world record brook trout and ginormous Lake Trout and Northern Pike. On the otherhand, what's not really well known about Nipigon is how tremendous the walleye fishing is. It's a well guarded secret that requires good planning the right gear AND high potential to ice unlimited Walleye in a days fishing. Not small fish either, Nipigon walleye can average 18 - 24 inches and fight like the dickens! That said, when it comes fishing ANY lake you choose, once you're set up, that's when the fun begins! Depending on the targeted species, you can expect lots of action! Guide trips have produced upwards of 60 catches in a single day and if you're targeting those ma'hoss Lake Nipigon lake trout, guests have bragged about trout too big to fit through a 10" ice hole. This type of fishing is no joke, its fun with lots of bent rods, and requires guts, grit and determination to make a trip safe and successful. If it's adventure you choose, ice fishing while staying at the lodge offers variety, fast action, big fish and absolute seclusion.

Beware though, getting to these fishing hot spots does require some effort. Daily drives of 5 minutes to 3 hours are an option, so guests need to make sure they are well equipped for the adventure. Since Pasha Lake Cabins doesn't currently offer rentals and instead offers only accommodations, guests want to make sure they have access to those things prior to making a reservation

Speaking of Lake Nipigon, most guests are intrigued by its splendor and mystic size. It's true, Lake Nipigon is an remarkable fishery that will test the skills of many advanced anglers. Its sheer magnitude and structures are unlike anything in North America. Instead of being formed from glaciers, its unique bottom structures and contours are remnants of ancient volcanic outflows, evident from the surround palisades and unique landscapes. It's one of the deepest fresh water lakes in North America, and has some very expansive cold water voids that have been known to provoke anglers into using bad words from being overly frustrated.

But don't let those challenges discourage you. Our guides at Pasha Lake Cabins have over 25 years collective experience on Lake Nipigon. We know how to prepare for its unique challenges, and more importantly, where to find active fish. There is high demand for our guides during peak season times, so getting a reservation early is important for those seeking this service.

Ice Fishing with Pasha Lake Cabins

Due to unprecedented demand, Pasha Lake Cabins recently added winter cabin rentals to their accommodations options for travelers. Now the lodge offers something for everyone, 365 days and 12 months of every year. It's compelling, to the say the least, knowing that any time you'd want, you can place yourself in one of the most remote settings on earth where majestic landscapes and breath taking forests stretch as far as the eye can see. And, when it comes to winter at Pasha Lake Cabins, you'll be surrounded by endless fresh powder and access to incredible ice fishing. It's no wonder Pasha Lake's modern accommodations are so wildly popular among so many travelers.

With the new winter accommodations, once you arrive at Pasha Lake, you'll enjoy unlimited access to all sorts of snowy adventures. Whether its trail riding, snow showing, cross country skiing, ice climbing or just plain relaxation, there is something for everyone. Yet, likely the most popular among all winter guests, is ice fishing. The variety and action that comes with fishing from the lodge offers extraordinary opportunities for catching multispecies fish: jumbo perch, prehistoric lake trout, world record brook trout, wall hanging northern pike or rod breaking walleye. Its true, this region is a winter wonderland that is unparalleled anywhere else on earth.

Don't forget too that we offer equally great accommodations and fishing during summer season. The same lakes we fish through the ice are the very same lakes we fishing in the open water. Instead of fishing from a portable ice shack though, you'll be fishing from our 14ft bench style boats that we've conveniently placed at any one of our multiple lakes. Simply drive to a lake, take a leisurely walk down a primitive trail and, whoa!, let the fishing games begin. It's not uncommon to see the same action one experiences in the winter, multiplied on a scale of ten.

Remote, secluded and access to possibly the best fresh water fishing in the Northern Hemisphere. If you're not fishing Lake Nipigon, you'll be fishing highly productive inland waters. Add to that the ability to fish a multitude of species and it's hard to imagine why anyone would go anywhere else.

Pasha Lake Cabins – open 12 months of the year. Modern accommodations, unbeatable fishing opportunities, warm and friendly service and peace of mind knowing you'll be in good hands during your secluded get-a-away to the remote northwestern regions of Ontario Canada.

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