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Trophy Fishing in Saskatchewan

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Saskatchewan is a dynamic adventure for anglers where you can target trophy fish across a wide range of species on remote and wild lakes that few fishermen ever see. Thankfully, there are many fishing lodges scattered around this beautiful landscape. Almost all the fishing lodges in Saskatchewan are in the northern half of the province…any are listed as fly-in fishing lodges but a few are set up for drivers too.

Saskatchewan Fishing Targets

Expect to find many lakes with Walleye and some that offer trophy Walleye fishing opportunities. Another species that is nearly constantly present are big trophy Northern Pike, such as those in the Reindeer Lake area that range 45 - 50 inches. Reindeer Lake is also an amazing place to target Lake Trout where the average catch is 6 - 30 lbs with some fish weighing in at 60+ lbs.

The farther north you go the more the fishing changes. So, it's possible that you may lose access to Walleye but gain access to Arctic Grayling. Be sure to research any lodges you are considering for the access they provide to various species.

Overall, the most popular sport fishing species in Saskatchewan are Northern Pike, Lake Trout, Walleye & Arctic Grayling

Getting to Where You're Fishing Lodge

Saskatchewan is home to some of the best lakes and river system in the world. A good example of this is the Churchill River System, Reindeer Lake, Wollaston Lake, Black Lake, Stoney Rapids, Lake Athabasca, Patterson Lake, the Clearwater Provincial Park area and so many others.

The Churchill River System sits just North of La Ronge and enters into Manitoba. Most of the lodges here are fly-in fishing lodges and many offer charter services from La Ronge - Serviced by Air Canada, West Jet, and a few others.

Wollaston Lake sits just South of the NWT border and as remote as this area is, there is a small airport here that is serviced by Transwest Air and as a connector from La Ronge or Prince Albert, Alberta. Many lodges in the far north will help you book passage to their front doors. These include some of the lodges on Milton Lake too.

Getting to your Saskatchewan fishing lodge can be a big deal, however, many of the lodges make getting to them as easy as possible. You might have to stay overnight in one of the larger cities, such as La Ronge in order to catch a float plane the next morning and some of the lodges may pick you up at the airport. The fast rule of thumb is to always check with the lodge as they are the people who set the rules.

The major connection points are Fort McMurray in Alberta, Saskatoon, Regina, La Ronge, and Flin Flom in Manitoba. Most of these cities have connections to major airports in larger cities.

Things to Consider in Planning Your Fishing Trip

As with all fishing trips, where you go, and how much you know about the area make huge impacts on the quality of your experience. For that reason, it is important to pay attention to the lodge, lake, and services offered. This has less to do with the cost of your stay and more to do with the quality of your hosts.

Guide or No Guide: Some lodges offer guided fishing and others do not. On some rare lakes, a guide does not make a difference because they are so full of fish you could probably hunt them with a rock. If you are an angler with a specific set of goals that you hope to achieve while enjoying your Canadian fishing trip, then a guide is always going to be a good investment.

Location: We've all heard it before - location, location, location - and it could not be more accurate then when you choose a fishing lodge. As previously mentioned, most of the fishing lodges in Saskatchewan are in the northern half. It's important to know that the farther you travel north, the colder and more remote the lakes become. That also means that fishing conditions and environments change. Fish grow slower in colder environments because of the shorter food cycles of things like aquatic insects and terrestrial insects. Pay close attention to the fish that are available around the lodges that you choose.

Weather: Obviously, the farther north you go the more the weather changes and it can often become unpredictable. Keep a close eye on things as you close in on your fishing trip and be prepared to pack for the unpredictability!

The Diversity of Fishing Lodges in Saskatchewan

The diversity of Saskatchewan goes beyond the types of fish you can target. The quality of lodging is also very diverse. It is very possible to find five-star lodges with long lists of amenities and it is not uncommon to find lodges that offer the barest of essentials and rock-bottom prices. Consider what's important to your group and use our Canada Trip Finder to narrow down the options.

Black Bear Island Lodge is a good example of a high-end lodge. They sit along the Churchill River System, are fairly easy to get to, and offer Trophy Northern Pike and Walleye Fishing. An example of a Saskatchewan lodge that sits on the lower cost range is Slim's Cabins. Slim's Cabins also sits along the Churchill River System and is easy to get to by car or by plane. The vary for a reason and difference in price is about $2,500 per person for a seven-day fishing trip but both offer access to Trophy Pike and Walleye.

Picking your lodge is more about choosing access to fish and the features that you require to enjoy your Canadian Fishing Trip. Lean to the low cost lodges if you are open to a more rustic trip but consider higher end options if you prefer to stay a little closer to luxury. The fishing will remain the same in many locations so start with your fishing goals.

If you're looking for a slightly different Canadian fishing experience, then you are right to consider Saskatchewan lodges. They offer variety in experience and always world-class fishing.

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