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Bow River Hookers

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Bow River Hookers
  • Approximate Cost:
    Half Day: $250 to $500 Per Person
    Full Day: $500 to $750 Per Person

Bow River Hookers is a fly fishing and guided outfitter that fishes the Bow River in Calgary. This is a world-class and blue ribbon river that produces big Trophy Rainbow and Big Trophy Brown Trout. Guest of the Bow River Hookers fish from Hyde Drift Boats with an experienced and capable guide.

Fishing with Bow River Hookers

The guides are what make fishing here amazing. The river changes. The fish change and the opportunities here change. At Bow River Hookers they understand this and they make sure that they have the tools and knowledge to overcome those changes. For example, the guides do a physical check of the river. They are looking for emerging insects and food sources so that they can help you pick the perfect fly. Trout feed in cycles and as the season's change or the weather changes the food available changes. If you want to hit the big Trophy Trout then you have to tempt them with the right food/fly.

Expect to fish in relative comfort. The Hyde Drift Boats have comfortable seating for two fishermen and your guide. It is a long day of fishing and it can last 12 hours. Expect quality gear that is in good repair and ready to help you battle big Trophy Rainbows or Big Trophy Browns.

They will pick you up at your hotel and feed you lunch along the shore - the rest of the time - from launch to loading - is fishing.

Overall, expect a quality fishing excursion with plenty of big Fish Action.

The Bow River

The Bow River is well known as a blue ribbon river for fly fishing. What may not be known is that despite the large number of trout and they say there are 2,500 trout per mile or water - Fishing here is not simplistic. You need skill, knowledge, and gear. That is where Bow River Hookers comes into the picture. The lower Bow River is a string of slow runs, backwater areas, riffles, and oxbows. It is a changing river that ebbs and flows with the spring runoff. It is an amazing fishing nursery and combined with an active catch and release program is home to big Trophy Trout.

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"Wonderful Experience"
5.0 Star Rating
Reviewed By on September 13, 2016
  • "Wow" is the word to describe our day. My husband found this guide service on line and made arrangements to spend a day on The Bow. Our guide Brian was excellent! Very easy going, patient...
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