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Crow Duck Lake Camp
  • Approximate Cost:
    6 - 7 Days: $1,500 to $2,000 Per Person
  • Access: Boat In Camp

Crow Lake Duck Camp Is located on a portage lake off of Big Whiteshell Lake and seems difficult to get to, but it turns out to be a lot more simplified. There is a pickup point on Big WhiteShell Lake, which access by vehicle. It is just under 200 km from Winnipeg to Big WhiteShell Lake, and from there you take a barge, guided by the staff from Crow Lake Duck Camp for about an hour and you are at the camp. This is a remote fishing camp and that is the very reason, guests choose this location, that and the fishing here is good.

Fishing with the Crow Lake Duck Camp

Guests stay in beautifully constructed cottages that offer modern amenities such as wall furnaces, full kitchens with fridge and freezer, and a three-piece bathroom with a tub and shower. In addition, to the cabins, there is a small store on site and the main lodge offers a nice area for socializing.

Guests have access to Northern Pike, Walleye, and Smallmouth Bass. Bring your own fishing gear, pole, and tackle with you. Guests fish from 16-foot aluminum boats with 25 hp motors. There is a map of the lake online which you should also print and bring with you as it will highlight some of the better fishing locations. This is a self-guided lodge which is okay because the fishing here is good.

The Draw here is the fishing. The lake is prolific with Walleye and it is not uncommon to catch 100 Walleye in a single day of fishing. The lake is home to Master Angler grade-Smallmouth Bass. There are big Northern Pike here too, which are all catch and release. You can keep and eat the smaller Pike.

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Google Rating
4.7 out of 5 44 Google Reviews
Google Reviews
5 out of 5(5/5)
Reviewed a year ago on Google
  • I recently had the opportunity to spend a day at Crow Duck Lake camp. This is a hideaway of magical wildlife and fantastic fishing. From a pet wolf and friendly foxes to a friendly raccoon that takes food from your hand, this is an incredible experience that you should not miss!! To add to the magic, hundreds of barn swallows make their nests there. I spent hours watching them feed their young. Then there are pet walleye and pet snapping turtles that show up to be fed! They?re wild and live in the lake but visit for a snack. And to top it all off, Bill, the owner is the best host! He sent out a boat to pick us up at Big Whiteshell Lodge and then an ATV to drive us from the shore to his magical hideaway. And he cooked us the most delicious lunch of fried walleye, onion rings and fries you can ever eat! I?ve never eaten walleye and onion rings cooked like this! This is an experience I will always treasure and remember. Thanks a million, Bill, and your friendly staff, for the wonderful hospitality!!
5 out of 5(5/5)
Reviewed 3 years ago on Google
  • Just a trip report for my fishing and outdoors friends. Went away to Crowduck lake last week and as usual it was great but this time around I was finally able to stay at the lodge in one of the cabins for a couple nights and got to relax and do some amazing fishing. We arrived Tuesday afternoon after a leisure drive, stopping along the way at Rainbow Falls and a couple other spots. Had some rain on the way but nothing major.and the scenery is always nice. After settling in went for a couple hours of fishing in the late afternoon/early evening. The temperature was perfect but it started raining and we got a good downpour so we called it a day and went back to the lodge where I enjoyed a nice dinner of bison tenderloin with fresh asparagus downed with a nice nice shiraz. As I was cooking the steaks on the BBQ, I had the resident fox inspecting. Such a friendly fellow. Wednesday and Thursday were two solid days of fishing. Wednesday was good for bass and pike but tougher for walleye as the water was flat and sunny skies. We did well regardless. We finished the day with a tasty shore lunch prepared by Bill, the lodge owner, who takes such good care of his guests. Bass, pike and walleye served with onion rings and fries and coleslaw and ketchup and thai sauce, right on the dock watching the sunset with a cold beer. Thursday was a repeat but a breeze started in the afternoon and the walleye bite was really good. We also went to Crowduck Falls and although fishing was not possible this time at the bottom of the falls due to low water and weeds, the amount of large bass and walleye in the channels leading to the falls was insane. So many fish were caught that day my arms were sore at the end of the day. But we had another great dinner prepared by Bill before packing up and heading home. We managed to bring home just enough for another awesome walleye feast to reminisce about this trip. Anybody that has not been there, it is well worth every dollar and the fishing is fantastic...
5 out of 5(5/5)
Reviewed 7 years ago on Google
  • Crowduck is the most well run fishing camp I've ever been to. The motor for your boat is running and ready to go when you walk up to the dock. The fishing is fantastic, the scenery is unbelievable. The cabins have hot showers! I can't say enough good things about Crowduck!
5 out of 5(5/5)
Reviewed a year ago on Google
  • Great place to fish for anyone from beginners to experienced. The staff was all super amazing and accommodating
5 out of 5(5/5)
Reviewed 5 years ago on Google
  • Crow Duck is incredible. The fishing is great and the staff are excellent. We arrived at 7:50am and were on the water by 8:00am. Bill is such a hospitable guy and you always feel welcome. My wife is ready to give birth any day now, so Bill gave me a radio to check in with the lodge from the water. I checked in multiple times throughout the day and they radioed to me that they hadn?t received any calls from home. Who else would offer to do this?! If you love to fish you have to go there. I?ll be going back again, for sure!

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