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Hawk Lake Lodge - Walleye
  • Approximate Cost:
    6 - 7 Days: $2,000 to $3,000 Per Person
    4 - 5 Days: $1,500 to $2,000 Per Person
    2 - 3 Days: $1,000 to $1,500 Per Person
  • Access: Drive In Camp

Hawk Lake Lodge offers five-star accommodations amid one of the world's best Walleye and Smallmouth Bass fisheries. The lodge offers a central hub and guests are housed in plush out cabins that offer privacy, comfort, and style. The nine cabins vary in size from one- to four-bedrooms. Each cabin sits right on the shores of Hawk Lake. The lodge sits just three hours by car from Winnipeg, Manitoba or International Falls, Minnesota.

The main lodge area features a gourmet dining room, library, large lounge area, full bar, fly tying table and a tackle/fly shop. Guests of the lodge should expect an exclusive retreat with top-shelf service and accommodations.

Fishing with Hawk Lake Lodge

While this is an Orvis approved fly-fishing lodge, spin casters are more than welcome. This is a place where well-known and famous fishermen come to enjoy the sport of fishing. As such, expect a lot of variety in habitat and fishing species. If you love to fish for Smallmouth Bass, then this is the first place in the world that you want to visit. This is trophy Smallmouth Bass territory.

The Walleye Fishing here is also world-renown. While many lodges offer extreme Walleye fishing where guests haul in 100 Walleye in a day, the Hawk Lake Lodge is different. They are not about quantity, but rather about quality. Here you battle Walleye that are on average 24-inches long with trophy fish inching upwards of 32-inches in length. The best time to visit the lodge for Walleye fishing is from mid-May through mid-July.

The Trophy Fish at Hawk Lake Lodge

As part of the Conservation efforts and to maintain the high-quality of fishing here, Hawk Lake Lodge enforces a catch-and-release policy for Walleye and Smallmouth Bass. That policy improves your odds of landing a world-record fish. What do we mean by trophy sized fish? Walleye over 30 inches, 19 inch Smallmouth Bass, and Northern Pike that stretch to over 40 inches in length. We don't mean just a few of these fish either; there are a lot of trophy sized fish in the waters here. That is part of what makes this lodge such a haven for fishermen.

The lodge offers guided or non-guided fishing. If you want to find the best fish, use a guide. There are 19 lakes that you have access too, and the guides know the waters and the fish. Take advantage of their knowledge.

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Google Rating
4.6 out of 5 18 Google Reviews
Google Reviews
5 out of 5(5/5)
Reviewed 11 months ago on Google
  • Just finished up another great trip to hawk lake lodge! As usual Ted and Virginia were great hosts. Chef Martina and her crew brought their A Game with the meals and Jonesy was a great guide again! The fishing was once again world class. I myself caught over 25 walleye (2 blue walleye) and who knows how many bass and pike! Already booked for next year! Can?t wait!
5 out of 5(5/5)
Reviewed 10 months ago on Google
  • Just spent an awesome week at Hawk Lake Lodge with my 13 year-old son. The staff bends over backwards to make sure your trip is fantastic while Ted and Virginia treat you like family. The fishing was amazing but we did use a guide every day and I would again. Sean, Jonesy, Finn and Caspar were a joy to be around and always put us on big fish. All of the other guests had been to Hawk Lake Lodge multiple times and we cannot wait to join that group. Thank you Hawk Lake Lodge!
5 out of 5(5/5)
Reviewed 6 months ago on Google
  • An outstanding catch and release lake with world class trophy fish. The lodge is well equipped with picteresque views, lots of outdoor aluminum boats and 50 hp motors to get you to your fishing spot quickly. This operator is at the top of their game and you won't be disappointed.
5 out of 5(5/5)
Reviewed a year ago on Google
  • Hawk Lake Lodge is hands down the best fishing experience in North America. The attention to detail given by Ted and his staff is amazing in turning a fishing trip into a luxury experience with top notch accomodations and cuisine. The value for what you pay is so far above what it is worth that you almost feel guilty. Everything here is world class.
5 out of 5(5/5)
Reviewed 2 years ago on Google
  • One of the best lodges I have ever had the pleasure to fish at. The ownership (Ted) is top notch and truly caters to your every need while providing uncanny knowledge of every lake (and every fish within that lake). During my trip we tried multiple lakes and brought in trophy size fish of every species... it was incredible. The food was wonderful and the pre-dinner social time swapping fish stories with other folks really rounded out the experience.

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