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Namur Lake Lodge
  • Approximate Cost:
    4 - 5 Days: $1,000 to $1,500 Per Person
    2 - 3 Days: $500 to $750 Per Person
  • Access: Fly In Camp

The Namur Lake Lodge sits some 75 miles from Fort McMurray in Alberta. The lodge offers fishing on Namur Lake, Gardner Lake and along the Namur River. This is a remote fishing lodge with access to outstanding fishing.

The lodge is a series of rustic cabins that offer basic amenities such as propane cooking stoves, wood heat, bunks or double beds. Showers and toilets are centrally located and fresh water is available near each cabin.

Expect clean and comfortable cabins in a great fishing location.

Fishing with Namur Lake Lodge

This is a catch-and-release lodge. This conservation program helps guests enjoy big, fat, Trophy Fish year-after-year.

Guests fish from 14-foot Aluminum boats powered by a 9.9 HP motor. Fuel, landing nets, and safety vests are provided.

Fishermen have access to big Lake Trout, wild Arctic Grayling, and big Northern Pike,

Lake Trout: Lake Trout grow slowly but can reach 40 plus pounds. They are very sensitive to water temperature and that makes them difficult to locate, especially in a big, deep lake. During the colder months of the spring and fall, they tend to feed nearer the surface. As soon as the hot summer days start warming up the water, the Lake Trout head for deeper water. Their main food source in these lakes is Whitefish. The best way to target Lake Trout in summer is to fish deep and pack a variety of big, bright, shiny spoon-type lures in your tackle box.

Arctic Grayling: Arctic Grayling are small (less than 5 pounds) fish with large dorsal fins. They are beautifully colored and smarter than many fishermen - not that fishermen are not smart. These are wily fish that are best fished using a fly fishing setup. The like a variety of foods, so pack a variety of smaller dry and wet flies.

Northern Pike: Big, aggressive, lurking fish that love the shallow waters where smaller fish migrate. The big Northern Pike are easily found in the hot days of summer lurking in weed patches in shallow water. They are fished with both a spin casting setup and with flies. A good tip for fishing Northern Pike is to include steel leaders in your tackle box as the 700+ teeth in their mouth make short work of monofilament line.

The Namur Lake Lodge offers outstanding fishing in a sub-arctic location. This is a lodge that is good for both fly fishermen and spin casters.

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