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  • Approximate Cost:
    6 - 7 Days: $500 to $750 Per Person
    4 - 5 Days: $250 to $500 Per Person
    2 - 3 Days: $250 to $500 Per Person
  • Access: Drive In Camp

Northern Woods Lodge sits on the south end of Long Lake and is accessible by vehicle. The 36-mile scenic drive along forest roads is pleasant and beautiful. The lodge is accessed via Highway 17 north of Terrace Bay, Ontario.

Northern Woods Lodge is a mixture of a main house and knotty pine cabins. The cabins feature modern convenience with three bedroom floor plans and complete furnishing. Guests enjoy three-piece bathrooms, new beds, and a full kitchen with all the gadgets. Cabins sleep up to six guests. Smaller motel units are available and hold two guests each. The main lodge offer meals, living room with TV and a panoramic view of the lake.

Overall expect warm, spacious and well-equipped cabins on a lake that offers plenty of Walleye and Northern Pike fishing opportunities.

Fishing on Long Lake

Guests of Northern Woods Lodge have opportunities to fish for Walleye, Northern Pike, Lake Trout, and Brook Trout. The Lake is beautifully situated with an expansive cliff system on one side and forests that range for hundreds of miles. The lake itself gains its name from its amazing 50-mile length. The narrow lake offers deep fishing and shallows where fishermen can find trophy-sized Walleye and Northern Pike.

Fishermen also have access to about 20 miles of river and the local area is dotted with plenty of smaller lakes. Guests can access other lakes where the lodge moored boats. Accessing the lakes is fairly easy. Some of the nearby lakes you just drive to while others are so close you can hike. A few lakes require access via quads, but all offer unspoiled fishing.

Targeting Walleye and Northern Pike

Summer on Long Lake is Walleye Season. The lake is teaming with Walleye of all sizes. It is not uncommon to real in 5-8 pound Walleyes on a fairly consistent basis. The Northern Pike are massive and on Long Lake expect to target Northern Pike from the 10-40-pound range. It is not difficult to real in 20 pound Northern Pike. These massive fish are found mostly in the quiet bays where water weeds grow. These beds of weeds make the perfect place for these lurking predators to find meals. Lake Trout season is brief on Long Lake. It spans late May into early June, but they also make good targets for ice fishing. Brook Trout range in size from 2-3 pounds and make good eating. Sometimes you get lucky and real in a 7-8 pound Brook Trout.

The fishing on Long Lake is good. Expect to find a well-equipped lodge and outstanding opportunities to fish.

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