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Prairie Bee Outpost Camps
  • Approximate Cost:
    6 - 7 Days: $250 to $500 Per Person
  • Access: Boat In Camp

Prairie Bee Outpost Camp offers some of the best remote wilderness fishing in all of Ontario. The camp is near Chapleau, Ontario and a nine-hour drive from Toronto. Here, you find outstanding Walleye, Northern Pike, and Whitefish fishing opportunities. This fishing camp has had a place on the "Top 10 Lodges in Ontario" list for the last four years. The camp sits along Prairie Bee Lake and is just an hours driving west of Chapleau.

Accommodations at Prairie Bee Outpost Camps

Guest can choose between four cabins and the outpost camp, which is a remote cabin that sits about ten miles away from the main lodge. This is a two bedroom cabin with room for eight guests. It offers warm and comfortable lodging with easy access to fishing.

The other four cabins are housekeeping cabins and feature full kitchens. The cabins range in size and sleep 2-8 people depending on the cabin. Cabin 1 and 4 sleep up to eight. Cabin 2 sleeps six, and Cabin 3 is a cute and cozy little unit that sleeps a small family or serves as a nest for a couple.

Fishing with Prairie Bee Outposts Camps

Prairie Bee Lake is home to outstanding Smallmouth Bass fishing. The best time to fish for Smallmouth Bass is the first week of June. The Bass are more active and hungrier once the water warms. They like the edges of the lake in June where the water warms quickly. Smallmouth Bass are pack predators when they are small. Their primary predator is the Northern Pike. Once Bass gain size and bulk they tend to stop roaming around for prey and instead find a perch on which to lurk. Bass are territorial when they are large so if you catch a good sized bass, move away from that spot by about 50 yards and try for the second or third large bass in that area.

Walleye, here, are plentiful in the 1-3 pound range. The trophy fish here reach 30 inches. A good size Walleye is in the ten-pound range and that is a lot of fish to fight.

Northern Pike is easy fishing in the 3-6 pound range though the trophies are in the 20-pound range. The big Pike have a catch-and-release protocol which helps the population of trophy fish grow.

The Whitefish are the real fighters of the lake. You might think a 20-pound Northern Pike is fun, but the Whitefish fight just as hard and are better to eat. Expect Whitefish in the 3-pound range with trophies in the 10-pound range.

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