My Alaskan Fishing Trip
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  • Approximate Cost:
    6 - 7 Days: $500 to $750 Per Person
  • Access: Drive In Camp

Procky's Lodge sits on the shores of Two Island Lake, which is part of the Gullrock Chain of Lakes in the Red Lake area of Northwestern Ontario. This is an area that has a beautiful population of Walleye and Northern Pike.

Guests are housed in modern cabins, semi-modern cabins, or you can opt for tent and tailor camping. The cabins feature two bedrooms with a kitchen, dishes, microwave and everything else you need to enjoy meals. The beds come with linens and blankets, and there is hot and cold running water. The modern cabins have a bathroom with shower. Groceries are available on-site.

Fishing with Procky's Lodge

The fishing package usually includes a boat and motor. The basic boat is a 16 foot Lund with motor and gas. The boats feature swivel seats for a full day of comfortable fishing on the lake.

The Gullrock Chain of Lake includes Gullrock Lake, Ranger Lake, Keg Lake, and Red Lake, which are accessed through a chain of river systems. Expect to find nice shorelines, hidden glens, quiet bays, and plenty of underwater features where fish like to hide. There is a conservation policy in place that requires the release of:

Walleye over 18 inches
Northern Pike over 35.5 inches
Because of the conservation of species, there are excellent opportunities for trophy fishing within the Gullrock Chain of Lakes.

The Fish and Lake Opportunities

The fishing here is great from May through Fall, with an emphasis on May, June, and July.

During May, the Walleye have finished breeding, and they mass in the cooler waters off of points where the bottom is sandy. May is also a good time to find trophy Northern Pike. There lurking predators hang in the quiet bays near the breeding grounds of the Walleye. To find Northern Pike, just look for a weed bed in a quiet cove or bay.

During June, the fish have begun to settle out of the shore area and into the cover offered by the islands and underwater structures. The Northern Pike begins to roam farther from their weed beds and into the areas around the points.

During July, the weed beds begin to grow like crazy. The smaller fish are thick in the beds, and the Northern Pike are laying in wait for them. The Walleyes have moved offshore and hang between the sandy bottom and the edge of the deeper water.

During August and September, the Walleye fishing is hot as these fish begin to school. The Northern Pike, well they are in the weeds. This is the time of year when all the species of fish begin to gorge for the oncoming winter. It makes for an excellent time to fish.

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