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Shadd Lake Cabins
  • Approximate Cost:
    6 - 7 Days: $2,000 to $3,000 Per Person
    4 - 5 Days: $1,500 to $2,000 Per Person
    2 - 3 Days: $1,000 to $1,500 Per Person
  • Access: Fly In Camp

The Shadd Lake Cabins sits near the Churchill River System and is accessible only by Float Plane. This is an amazing body of water that is rich with big Walleye, Big Northern Pike, and Lake Trout. The lodge sits about 65 km from La Ronge where you are flown to the lodge via Transwest Air.

Fishing with Shadd Lake Cabins

The Churchill River System is world-famous for producing big fish. This is where you come to fish for the big Northern Pike and fat Walleye. Expect Northern Pike in the 20-pound range and Big Walleye too. Most Walleye fishermen come to the Shadd Lake Cabins because the Walleye are prolific here. You can spend all day reeling them in until they tire you out. Another option is the portage and fly-out lakes. Most of these lakes offer good Lake Trout fishing in the 4-5 pound range with the opportunity to take on some big 20 plus pound Lake Trout.

If you are planning to target Northern Pike, late Spring is a good time. You want to be on the water before the deeper water warms up. Until the cabbage weeds are thick on the water, the big pike will stalk the underwater structures. The same is true of Lake Trout, except that when the water gets warm in August, they will go deep. It is always recommended that you use steel or titanium leaders when fishing for Pike.

One of the special features of the lodge is that you have access to Cree fishing guides. These are professionals who have grown up here on these waters and who understand the fish and the lake. You want to catch the Master Northern Pike, they will put you in the right spot, every time you fish.

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